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"They are addictive" 

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Meet Audrey, the friendly psychopath with a killer smile.  She is getting away with murder! 

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The Murder Suite - Book One 

The first book in the New Zealand Thriller series: “The Audrey Murders” 

Audrey owns and operates The Three Suites perched high on a rural mountain top in the far north of New Zealand. 

When guests go missing and bones are washed up on her property no one suspects the friendly blonde. 

A fun, fast read - a thriller with a difference!

The Cabin by the Sea - Book Two 

Audrey does not call it murder. She is just looking for the perfect tenant.
Having lost everything; her fortune, her career and her youth, Audrey has moved to her family’s remote seaside property in the far north of New Zealand. 

In order to survive financially she rents out a small cabin on the fourteen wooded acres. But finding the right tenant proves to be more difficult than she even imagined.

The local police found a young girl’s body washed up on a remote rocky beach. Two more suspicious deaths follow.

The Cabin by the Sea is the second book in the New Zealand Murder Series: "The Audrey Murders"

The Murder Trail - Book Three 

Audrey is a psychopath and a serial killer residing in a coastal town in the rural far north of New Zealand. 

Audrey discovers a drug cartel is using her Tiromoana Cabin Resort for cocaine trafficking. She appears to be helping the police when drugs go missing and bodies start turning up, but is she?


Audrey's new love interest is a pleasant distraction but local police and drug thugs are getting a little too close for comfort.

“The Murder Trail” is the third book in the series: The Audrey Murders

Murder in the Family - Book Four 

Audrey is at it again.  This time her past catches up with her. 


Audrey's three estranged sisters arrive at Tiromoana for their brother's funeral stirring up a dark family history of murder and deceit.


"Murder in the Family" is the fourth book in the series: The Audrey Murders

The Murder Trap - Book Five

Audrey continues to operate a rural cabin resort in the far north of New Zealand.

A beautiful author, Poppy, arrives at Tiromoana to write her true crime thriller based on the many local murders that have shocked the rural community over the past few years.

When she finds proof Audrey is behind the murders, Poppy is determined to convince the local police they have a serial killer on their hands.  


Audrey is aware of Poppy's suspicions but is busy helping her new neighbor, a mail-order bride, get free of her abusive fiance in the only way she knows.. with murder.

Audrey realizes too late Poppy's murder trap has her caught. 


Murder in Lockdown - book Six

When Audrey returns to New Zealand during the Covid-19 Pandemic  her flight from the USA has a confirmed case of the virus onboard.


The Government set out to track all passengers on the flight but Audrey has disappeared into the outskirts of  rural Northland.


With a new identity and refined new appearance she finds an abandoned cottage in Totara North and settles in for the duration of the lockdown.


But neighbors get suspicious causing Audrey to revert  to her old habits. 


Local police begin to suspect Audrey Wetherby, the renown psychopath and serial killer has returned.

ebook cover The Taupo Bay Killings_FRONT EBOOK Hight 2560x width 1600.jpg

The Taupo Bay Killings - book Seven

Audrey Wetherby, the infamous local psychopath, and serial killer was presumed dead over a year ago, but she has settled quietly into a small cottage on the hills overlooking Taupo Bay  where more murders begin to take occur.


Is it Audrey who is committing these murders, or a local resident, Cora White who is responsible?


With New Zealand back in another lockdown, the police and local residents, work together to track down the killer.



The Magical World of Dantonia
8-12 yr old readers 

School life is difficult for Alice. She is bullied and ridiculed by two mean girls. But when Alice learns she is from the Magical World of Dantonia, her lonely life on Earth becomes a lot more exciting.


With her new found confidence and magic powers, Alice sets out to change things for the better but soon learns everyone is not whom she thinks they are.

Black Lake - Winston Boys School
8-12 yr old readers  

A Middle Grade Thriller.


Gannon and Red are boarders at Winston Boys School in North Carolina.


Late one night, they climb out of their dorm room window and daringly walk the dark muddy track to Black Lake. What they encounter that night would change their lives forever.


The boys’ unwitting discovery leads them to an ancient, unsolved crime hidden in the depths of the school’s murky history. But their curiosity attracts the attention of others who have their own sinister interests in solving the crime. The boys’ lives are threatened. Should they reveal their secret? Who can they trust? What happens at Black Lake, doesn’t always stay at Black Lake….

8-10 yr old readers  

A Middle Grade Adventure/Thriller.


Fred and Joe come to stay at their great aunt’s cottage on a rugged peninsula in the remote far north of New Zealand.


While exploring the isolated stony beaches on the property, they are surrounded by a colony of red-billed seagulls in distress.


The boys decide to help the gulls - a decision that takes them on

a journey high into sky and far beyond.


Read Your Own Fortune - Book by Leonie Mateer
Book no longer availabe

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Read Your Own Fortune  

The New Psychological Trend in Self Discovery Your Subconscious Mind is your own Inner-Teller. Now you can access your own intuitive mind to get answers to your questions on Love, Money, Relationships and much more…. Actions, Strategies and Outcomes are written on over one hundred Inner-Teller Cards. Daily, Weekly and Yearly Layouts tell you WHEN it is going to happen! It Works! It’s Amazing - Now you can get the answers you are looking for.

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Amazon Best Seller
Psoriasis - The Simple Cure - Who Knew 

Leonie Mateer tells her story with honesty and stark humility. Living with a socially and personally disfiguring disease, she offers her readers twenty-five years of research into how to eliminate the effects of plaque psoriasis. She tells of tried and tested cures from crystals, coal tar and ointments, to almost every drug available. She finally finds the cure in the most unexpected place. A must read for any psoriasis sufferer.

Check out the "Psoriasis - The Simple Cure" Website for blogs, tips and more: 

Psoriasis - Staying Clear 

- The Healthy Alternative

Leonie Mateer continues her journey of staying psoriasis free with her new book "Psoriasis -Staying Clear. The Healthy Alternative.”


Her experience over the past two years of having successfully cleared her skin of psoriasis has inspired her to share her knowledge of how she maintains her healthy skin on a daily basis with pertinent researched topics, tips, blogs and recipes.


 A great follow-up to her previous successful book "Psoriasis - The Simple Cure -Who Knew? And a must read or all psoriasis sufferers looking for a healthy way to obtain and maintain clear skin.


A comprehensive collection of her "tried and true" healthy recommendations for clearing psoriasis - 



The Caboodles Blueprint -
Turn Your Idea into Millions

Leonie Mateer took an idea and turned it into a hundred million dollar business within thirty-six months. This is her blueprint – a step-by-step guide. 

With just a high school education and sheer tenacity, she took the retail industry by storm earning her awards such as Who’s Who of American Inventors and Who’s Who in leading American Executives.

This book is a must for any first time inventor, marketing student and product developer 

Read how to get your product onto 30,000 retail shelves. How to license your idea, manufacture your Idea, sell your idea, hire your sales force, create a brand, attend a trade show, market your product, and so much more… 

Have a Product Idea?-
How many could you Sell?

Leonie Mateer is known for her huge success as a brand development expert, and has previously written business advice books. She was named in the "Who's Who" of both Leading American Executives and American Inventors in the 1990s.


"HAVE A PRODUCT IDEA? - HOW MANY COULD YOU SELL? is a collection of business blogs she has written and which have generated hundreds of thousands of readers over the past many years. Each chapter is a product development and marketing gem - from tips for protecting your idea to getting your product on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and more... A must read for first time inventors!

New Zealand on-line retailers 

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