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When Mason’s teacher tells him to write a story about what his parents do for a living, he knows he has to lie. Because Mason has a secret he cannot even tell his best friends. But when he is taken on a distant journey to visit his parents he learns why he must never reveal the secret. It is a secret that protects the future of all mankind.

A story about a boy's adventure into space and the mystery of where our souls go after death.

8-10 yr old readers  

A Middle Grade Adventure/Thriller.


Fred and Joe come to stay at their great aunt’s cottage on a rugged peninsula in the remote far north of New Zealand.


While exploring the isolated stony beaches on the property, they are surrounded by a colony of red-billed seagulls in distress.


The boys decide to help the gulls - a decision that takes them on

a journey high into sky and far beyond.

The Magical World of Dantonia
8-12 yr old readers 

School life is difficult for Alice. She is bullied and ridiculed by two mean girls. But when Alice learns she is from the Magical World of Dantonia, her lonely life on Earth becomes a lot more exciting.


With her new found confidence and magic powers, Alice sets out to change things for the better but soon learns everyone is not whom she thinks they are.

Black Lake - Winston Boys School
8-12 yr old readers  

A Middle Grade Thriller.


Gannon and Red are boarders at Winston Boys School in North Carolina.


Late one night, they climb out of their dorm room window and daringly walk the dark muddy track to Black Lake. What they encounter that night would change their lives forever.


The boys’ unwitting discovery leads them to an ancient, unsolved crime hidden in the depths of the school’s murky history. But their curiosity attracts the attention of others who have their own sinister interests in solving the crime. The boys’ lives are threatened. Should they reveal their secret? Who can they trust? What happens at Black Lake, doesn’t always stay at Black Lake….

There's nothing better than to snuggle up with a good book 

"My son and I read this book at night and loved it. It was a fast read and it kept his attention the whole time."                       Amazon Reader of The Magical World of Dantonia 

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