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What is in your future? 


63 ancient fortune telling cards have been automated, animated and deciphered by professional psychics -

You shuffle the deck and determine your destiny!  

The first fully automated - Do It Yourself -

Fortune Telling Game!


You shuffle the decks - the cards will give you answers on love, money, relationships, work and much more.. 

Daily • Weekly • Yearly


I have  spent over twenty years working with World renown psychics and card readers both in the United States and New Zealand.  


Today there is a new trend in psychological analysis.  We want to access our own intuitive mind.  


We want to take charge of our own destiny.

It works!   It’s amazing!  


(1) Just choose your timeline;  Daily, Weekly or Yearly

(2) focus on the questions you may have about your future 

(3) shuffle the cards until you feel you are ready - then watch them as they move into your chosen time-line.  

(4) click on the cards in the numbered order

(5) read the meaning on each card and let your subconscious mind kick in –  


You get the answers you are looking for - 

and find out when it is going to happen!

Making the right choices, improving our financial situation and maintaining a loving  &  secure life depends solely on the decisions we made in the past and decisions we will make in the future.

Spending time to reflect on your life’s journey is both satisfying and rewarding.

Have you, like me, picked up the phone and called a friend or family member when you need help solving life’s problems?   Now you can have access to your inner mind and get answers to your questions anywhere, anytime and as often as you want.

Who better to know what decisions you need to make – than you!    Now you don’t have to rely on someone else to know what is right for you.

"Read Your Own Fortune"  provides you with a timeline.  Remember, you can change the future by changing the path you are on today…  find out what your fortune holds for you.

Get your FREE daily reading and FREE weekly reading - August 1st 2017 - Opening Day! 


The answers to your questions

are printed on the face of every card

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