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The Caboodles Blueprint

"The Caboodles Blueprint" Book by Leonie Mateer

 “Taking a vision and turning it into a multi million dollar business is what I have been doing for over 30 years. When I had my first idea I searched for this book. It didn’t exist. I wanted to read a book from someone who had actually taken a product to market. I wanted to know “where to start” and “what to do.” I wanted a simple guideline to follow – a blueprint.

This is my blueprint.”

Leonie Mateer



Armed with only her vision, her high school education, and a tenacity to succeed, Leonie Mateer took her idea of converting a fishing tackle box into a cosmetic organiser box and took the retail industry by storm.


A step-by-step guide of taking an idea through all the development stages to its final resting place on 30,000 store shelves.A must read for inventors, product developers and marketing students.



Caboodles was the first teen brand to penetrate the USA mass market – Retailers were concerned about selling teen items in their stores due to potential pilferage… Caboodles proved them wrong and the Brand and Products soon became a teen phenomenon taking the retail market by storm.


Over 90% of American teen girls owned at least one Caboodles organizer in the late 1980 and early 1990s.

Take your product idea to market - Read How!
The Caboodles Blueprint by Leonie Mateer

"HAVE A PRODUCT IDEA? - HOW MANY COULD YOU SELL? is a collection of business blogs Leonie has written and which have generated hundreds of thousands of readers over the past many years.


Each chapter is a product development and marketing gem - from tips for protecting your idea to getting your product on the shelves of Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart and more... A must read for first time inventors!

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