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Self Publishing your Book - Tips

Did you know over 50% of the top 100 Amazon Best e-book sellers were self published?

Are you considering becoming an Indie Publisher?

The Advantages:

• Self Publishing gives you control.. puts you in the driver’s seat.

• You choose where to spend your marketing dollars.

• You can update your books as often as you like.

• You can order your own copies at low cost and distribute to booksellers yourself.

• No one but you can give your book the marketing attention it needs on a daily basis

• Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and your own website are everyday marketing tools.

I currently have eight e-books available on Amazon - They are the biggest retailers of e-books worldwide with over 70% of the market. I have chosen to have my books exclusively available on Amazon worldwide in order to take advantage of their many marketing programs. In the past I have had my e-books available on ibooks and Nook books but, in doing so, I didn't qualify for Amazon's marketing programs such as "free book promos" and "special price promos".

I have self published eleven paperback books using CreateSpace for my Print on Demand (POD) platform. I love their book publishing platform.. easy to use and as they are an Amazon company - it keeps everything in one pocket.

I purchased my own ISBNs for both e-books and paperback versions through Bowker

By purchasing my own ISBNs I become the PUBLISHER

REMEMBER: If you use a publishing services company and let them assign your book they are the publisher.

Nook Books (Barnes and Noble) are now providing self publishers with print versions of their books!

But know that each NOOK Press print book needs a new ISBN that has never been used on any other print platform. If your print book is currently available for purchase at or any other retail platform, you cannot use that same ISBN again on the NOOK Press print platform.

You may elect to receive a free ISBN through NOOK Press during your set-up process (resulting in your Publisher Name being designated as “NOOK Press”) or you may want to purchase your own.


CREATESPACE uses Ingram for distribution. Ingram is the world’s biggest distributor of books, so for all channels except Amazon, CS books are distributed through Ingram.

Ingram gets approximately 15% of the cut, and CS takes about 15–20%. That leaves 25% for the bookstores. That’s not enough to make them even consider stocking the book, but they will order it if a customer asks

With Self Publishing you earn a much higher royalty for e-books (no middle man) and e-books account for 30% of book sales – however you lose 67% revenue from traditionally published print sales – as Print On Demand books account for only 3% of gross sales.

But do not be discouraged…what you lose in print royalties you make up in the higher royalty earnings (up to 70%) from your e-books and bookstores can still purchase your books on demand.

Bookstores are declining in numbers and digital continues to capture market share

By 2018, only slightly more than 22,500 bookstores are projected to be operational across the country, a sharp decline from the 38,539 open in 2004

Self Publishing puts you in the driver's seat. You are responsible for your book's success. You wrote it, maybe even edited it, when you publish your book you have daily access to its success. Amazon Kindle has daily updates so you can track each book's success.

My favorite marketing programs are on YouTube with my book trailers and on my own website through blogs and tips. Keeping your information current and trend-right encourages viewers to your site.

Enjoy every moment. No one will be as passionate about your book as you! Go for it! Take your time, do your research, learn as you go. Keep updating your information. The best thing ever, is the knowledge that you can make edit changes or copy changes to your book whenever you want. Print on Demand means you can keep your information fresh and relevant.

Check out my tips -

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